Before start working on a new trade show exhibit, you must have a complete plan about it like, the exhibit space, budget, the requirements etc... Each and every exhibit layout has its own pros and cons.A classic diamond layout is a central structure with the strong visual effect as the advantage and the structure seems to be the disadvantage. Centerpiece layout have a focus point and marketing a message is easy and its central focus draws less attention to the viewers. Theater layout have dividers between them rather than layout is a fully or partially closed environment, and the setup sometimes becomes cloggy.Random display allows many levels of messaging, and this turns out to be a cons. plaza layout is like a open environment, here visitors are free to enter and it causes congestion. The trade show booth design, color and content should resemble the concept of the trade show. In making a design you have to concentrate on the layout first, it must be easy and should not admonish the visitors.The display products must be in eye contact to the visitors.Make the company's logo or sign at the top so that the visitors can find it and drop in easily.Make the booth's content catchy and useful for the guests. If you are performing for the first time you can rent the booth, or create an open trade show booth, so that people can enter comfortably, make sure the booth is uncluttered so that your product is viewed properly.